The Wolf Creek Foundation sponsors and engages in activities and events that enrich and strengthen
the quality of life in our community, particularly for members of the military.

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For over a decade, the Wolf Creek Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit agency, has been supporting military families through the generosity of this community. Whether being deployed or returning from deployment, separation brings stress and anxiety to a military family which is often difficult to overcome.

Through a partnership with Hill Air Force Base, the Wolf Creek Foundation sponsors weekend retreats twice a year, where our military families relax, reconnect, and develop much needed skills that help the entire family cope with deployments. Meals, lodging and entertainment, along with dedicated programming for adults and children are offered at no cost to the family.

Military families sacrifice each day to allow us to have the freedoms we all enjoy. Become a part of something amazing. Join us today!

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This Mom will miss his first steps and his first birthday

"My family was able to talk about our concerns
and develop stronger bonds to weather the
next separation."

- 75th Airbase Wing Psychologist


Upcoming Events

10th Annual Gala
Saturday, October 23, 2021.

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We support quarterly re-integration dinners and an annual holiday party for families from HAFB that have children with special needs.
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